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               I'm from Guadalajara, one of the largest cities in México, I grew up in the city but I really enjoy living on the beach and the contact you have with nature, I like travel,  eat and taste   food, outdoor sports, talk about different ways of thinking,

for me, photography  are instants that only last seconds but that mean so much that they are impregnated in our memory, is a way of expressing different emotions at the same time, a unique form of communication without barriers, a form to feel without say a word.

I think every action has its very particular point of view of what happen on that special moments of life, and I  reflect that with my own point through photography.





            My   proyect named  @VISUALERY its all about Drone pictures an video  and  my personal work where you can find art work is named @ANDREPULP you can find both on Instagram

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